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Duerr’s Jam

Temperature Controlled
"Russell WBHO employs a ‘one-team’ collaborative approach, bringing together in-house expertise, sub-contractors, suppliers, partner professionals, our clients and their representatives to deliver consistently successful projects."
  • Project Status: Completed
  • Location: Wythenshawe Manchester
  • Client: Duerr's Jam
  • Completion: September 2019

F Duerr & Sons

F Duerr & Sons is a historic and renowned Manchester based Jam manufacturer, selected Russell WBHO to design, co-ordinate, price and construct a new facility linking their existing Peanut Butter factory on Dalimore Road Manchester to a further existing unit on Floats Road.

Duerr's Jam

Due to the need to maintain production operations throughout construction, it had to be split down into 5 separate and distinct phases;

Phase 1: Demolition of Brook House on an adjacent site to enable the creation of a 53 Nr space carpark (to replace an existing carpark that was then being changed to an extended service yard area).

Phase 2: Extend service yard.

Phase 3: The construction of a new industrial unit linking the two existing units (one unit containing the peanut butter production line) and the other unit completely stripped for refurbishment works.

Phase 4: Once the staff were relocated to the new amenity block, the existing amenity block was demolished to make way for relocation of some existing machinery, all to do with increasing production of peanut butter.

Phase 5: On completion of phase 4, the single storey offices in the existing production area were modified; altering doors and rooms, adding viewing windows to the existing production area, electrical and mechanical changes, new floor coverings, removal and replacement of doors to the service yard and the addition of a sectional loading door to aid deliveries

To cater for the required additional power to service the extended production area, an increased electrical supply of an additional 750kva with a new transformer was installed.

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Duerr's exterior