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Working towards a Sustainable future

The construction industry has a significant environmental footprint and here at Russell WBHO we are fully committed to play our part to reduce our Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG).

We recognise that being sustainable makes us more efficient, engages our employees and benefits communities and the environment. This is why our sustainability commitments are integral to our future.

Russell WBHO have set a target of becoming net zero at 2038, reducing our GHG emissions (Scope 1 & 2) at a rate consistent with limiting global warming to 1.5°C.

In order to achieve our target we will reduce our GHG emissions by 77% by 2030 on our route to be net zero at 2038.

We have a clear net zero roadmap and strategy in place – Here’s some of the actions we’re taking:

• Installing solar PV’s at our Trafford Park head office including improvement to lighting and mechanical efficiency
• Sourcing renewable energy tariffs for our head office and all project locations
• Decarbonise – Switching to electric vehicles, diesel to Biofuel (HVO) run generators c/w battery storage

Carbon Neutral

Russell WBHO is certified as a CarbonNeutral® company,in accordance with The CarbonNeutral Protocol, the leading global framework for carbon neutrality.

To monitor and maintain our CarbonNeutral® company certification, we work with Climate Impact Partners, specialist in carbon market solutions for climate action. We have annual independent assessments conducted by Turley Sustainability (who also verified our initial 2021 baseline greenhouse gas emissions produced from Scope 1, 2 and 3), in accordance with The CarbonNeutral Protocol.

View our CarbonNeutral® Certification

We are a member of the UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) who provide meaningful insights on latest sustainability topics; affording Russell WBHO the opportunity to be involved shaping best practice in the industry and provides skills, knowledge and training to create sustainable change.

View our UKGBC Membership Certification 

We are passionate about our net zero strategy and decided to have an immediate, positive impact on the climate – by committing to be fully carbon neutral, leading-up to our net zero status in 2038.

Supporting Sustainable Development Projects

Our carbon neutral offsetting programme delivers finance to forest protection and renewable energy emission reduction projects, supporting the transition to a low carbon global economy. All the projects are independently verified to assure emissions reductions are occurring.

Renewable energy projects in this portfolio are vital to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the growing global demand for energy, and to build sustainable infrastructure. Energy generation is one of the biggest emitters of greenhouse gases, and so renewable energy investment is a fast and effective solution to reduce these emissions.

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Located across the country, this portfolio of electricity generation projects is supporting India’s green growth agenda by enhancing renewable energy capacity to meet growing energy demands.

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Based on the island of Borneo in Indonesia, this Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+) project preserves carbon-dense tropical peat swamp by helping to halt deforestation of roughly 65,000 hectares of land which was originally allocated for conversion to palm oil plantations.

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