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Lineage Peterborough
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Lineage Peterborough Phase 3

Temperature Controlled
“The key is the pre-construction planning where the bespoke structure is precision-designed right down to the tiniest nuts and bolts, ensuring the onsite assembly is as efficient as possible.” Jonathan Rhodes, Russell WBHO head of temperature controlled


First use of a Cladrack structure to create a fully-automated 35m high cold store

A total of a total 1,998,805 pieces / 230miles of steel

Third Russell WBHO build for Lineage at Great Haddon, Peterborough

  • Project Status:
  • Location: Peterborough
  • Client: Lineage Logistics
  • Contract: JCT Design & Build 2011
  • Architect: AEW
  • M&E: 24.7 Electrical

The Challenge

One-year programme to deliver 35m high, 135,000 sq ft fully-automated cold store to hold 45,500 pallet spaces using the innovative Cladrack construction system.

Lineage Peterborough

In the latest part of the Great Haddon expansion programme, Russell WBHO has installed an incredible dual purpose structure for client Lineage Logistics, more than doubling the capacity at the firms’ Great Haddon Superhub South.

The state-of-the-art Cladrack system is both the external structure and the internal racking solution. It is provided by SSI Schaefer and built to a specification designed by the Russell WBHO team with their architects AEW, structural engineers Healey Consulting and specialist external envelope contractor ISD.

It is the first Russell WBHO build to utilise the Cladrack system, and is our tallest ever cold store at 35m high.

This option speeds up the process of construction once on site but requires precision design during the pre-construction phase to ensure onsite assembly is as efficient as possible.

The team had to devise an engineered ground solution which stabilised the ground to 30% above CBR requirements, and cast a power floated floor slab to support the high leg loads from the Cladrack structure.

As Cladrack does not allow for standard construction techniques, we used highly trained operatives ‘climbing’ within the structure to install each section, working hand-in-hand with specialist abseilers who descend the structure performing quality checks.

It also impacts roof installation and prevents the use of netting, as is the norm, so experienced operatives trained in leading edge operations were used, with temporary handrails erected as the works progressed.

The facility will be the first fully automated cold store Russell WBHO has built for Lineage, a system which will speed up loading to just 15 minutes per vehicle, 45 minutes faster than traditional methods.

It will be fitted with the award-winning Azanefreezer 2.0 unit from Star Refrigeration, which is set to achieve significant energy reduction targets, while a solar PV system will be installed on the roof to provide the majority of the unit’s power requirements.

This Cladrack system features almost 2million (1998,805) individual pieces which, if laid end to end would stretch for 233miles, that’s as far as from Peterborough to Plymouth.

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