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World Day for Safety and Health at Work – 28th April 2024

The above initiative, which began in 2003, is an international campaign to help raise awareness and seek the prevention of work-related accidents and ill health around the world.

World Day for Safety and Health at Work serves to draw focus towards the prevention of accidents, diseases and fatalities arising from occupational activities.  The day recognises the significant human and economic cost of poor occupational H&S practices and aims to improve H&S culture at all levels in the workplace.

In the UK, a significant proportion of accidents and diseases at work are preventable.  Statistics from the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) for the UK Construction Industry show that during 2023 there were 45 fatal injuries and 69,000 cases of work-related ill health. This emphasises that Health and Safety is everyone’s responsibility and the need for all of us to stay vigilant and promote robust H&S systems in the workplace.

At Russells, we thought we’d mark the occasion with a challenge for our Building Students to do something innovative and fresh, rather than the often ‘dry’ H&S communications.  They teamed up with colleagues to produce a short internal video themed around a H&S topic, to increase our collective understanding of the importance of H&S at work.  They are generally light-hearted – which we think is a fresh way of communicating a serious subject, each video has been topped/tailed with the same branding & ends with pertinent key facts/serious points for all to take onboard.

  • Episode 1: Work at Height
  • Episode 2: Traffic Management
  • Episode 3: Pat Testing
  • Episode 4: Temporary Electrics
  • Episode 5: Competence
  • Episode 6: Avoiding Underground Services
  • Episode 7: Fire Safety

Huge thanks to everybody who helped pull this together!!