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Accommodation Construction

In 2011 Russell WBHO were contracted to carry out the ambitious student accommodation construction project by Vita Student Living at their Crosshall Street location in Liverpool city centre

Russell WBHO already has extensive experience in the accommodation industry, having worked on the turnkey delivery of more than 2,500 hotel rooms for major hotel operators across the UK over the last decade.

We worked closely with architect Neil Collins Homes, designers, engineers, our developer and Vita Student Living to devise a tailor-made scheme to fit the project’s specific and challenging requirements.

Crosshalls Street Student Accommodation Construction Project

The challenge was a three-phase scheme to bring back to use 120,000 sq ft across three buildings in Liverpool city centre in a three-phase scheme.

The Chapel

Built in 1880 as Victoria Calvinist Methodist Church and then sold to Liverpool Corporation in 1920. Five years later, it reopened as Britain’s first Juvenile Court, and it remained in that use until the 1970s. After closing, the Chapel remained empty and partially derelict for forty years which meant when Vita Student purchased it in 2012, the inside was no longer fit for purpose.

The construction of The Chapel’s 68 apartments required a full internal structural demolition leaving only the external façade, which was retained using an internal bracing system and refurbished as existing to stay in keeping with the original structure. A pile foundation was installed, metal decks installed for the flooring, and a structural steel frame erected to retain the
internal facades.

Crosshalls Building

Once a Victorian office building, this Grade II Listed building in central Liverpool sits next to the Chapel.

As part of the accommodation construction project, a full internal structural demolition was done, leaving only the external facade. The external facade was retained by a Structural Scaffold System while work was carried out on the interior, and it was refurbished and retained to fit with the original structure. This resulted in the creation of 156 apartments inside a historic Liverpool building.

Tinlings Building

Built in 1961 by Morter & Dobie as a printing works for Tingling & Co, the building had original 60’s curtain walling with blue spandrels and a sawtooth facade. It had been unoccupied for some time, and being next to the Crosshalls Building made the perfect addition to the trio of buildings for this accommodation construction project.

This part of the accommodation construction required a soft strip; removing the existing curtain walling and asbestos panelling and retaining the concrete frame to utilise in the new build. A new curtain walling system was installed, and two new levels erected in structural steel on top of the existing structure to create more accommodation.

The basement level was subject to full demolition including soft strip and structural work. A new steel mezzanine was installed to construct more accommodation and expand communal areas.

Accommodation Construction From Russell WBHO

The Vita Student Living project was technically challenging, and working with multiple Listed Buildings required our heritage and refurbishment skillset. The project was completed in September 2014, with all three buildings opened their doors to students starting term.

For more about our accommodation construction projects in detail, see below.

“The whole Russell WBHO team have on more than one occasion helped out and resolved issues that were beyond the scope of the contract which has been much appreciated”

  • Leeon Wong, Ridge & Partners LLP


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