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Photo of staff and family on hospital ward
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Happy reunion following hospital donation

Staff give thanks for Russell WBHO-funded equipment. 

There were big smiles all around at the Royal Bolton Hospital as neonatal ward nurses were reunited with adorable one-year-old twins Theo and Isaac.

The boys, along with parents Michaela and Ross Twiname and aunt Olivia Lea, met up with the dedicated staff who cared for the pair when they were born prematurely.

The visit marked their first return since the boys left hospital after three months on the ward. Following their experience, Michaela pledged to raise money to help fund a neonatal twin cot after Theo and Isaac had to be cared for in separate cots.

The family was delighted to see the ward has now purchased its first ever twin neonatal cot thanks to a £1,500 donation from Russell WBHO, following Olivia’s nomination of Our Bolton Hospital NHS Charity to the company’s annual Christmas charity fund.

Michaela said: “The care the boys received was incredible and we often think back on our time at the hospital and remember how warm and kind the staff were. They were so reassuring and we had absolute faith in them, which helped us through such a difficult time.

“Because there was no twin cot at the hospital, the boys couldn’t be together in those early weeks which was a real shame. When we asked staff how we could thank them, this was their suggestion. To then get this donation from Russell WBHO was a dream come true, thank you to everyone at the company. It has been so wonderful to come back and see everyone, they’re still as lovely as we remember, and we’re so proud of the new cot.”

Her sister Olivia added: “The boys have come a long way since coming out of hospital and we felt it was important to come and say thank you in person and introduce the twins to the people who helped them when they were so tiny. It was a lovely visit and we were absolutely thrilled to see the ward now has its first twin cot.”

The donation came from the Russell WBHO Christmas fund which the company provides in lieu of sending cards. Employees are asked to nominate a charity close to their heart to receive a share of the funding.

Following Olivia’s moving story about her nephews’ care and how important the cot would be for premature twins in the future, the team chose to donate the full £1,500 so the equipment could be bought as quickly as possible.

Cath Bainbridge, Matron of Bolton Neonatal Unit, said: “It was absolutely wonderful to see the twins and we are so pleased with how happy and healthy they are, and it was a delight to meet up again with Michaela and Ross.

“We are very grateful for the family’s support and the donation from Russell WBHO in the boys’ name. It’s a very special piece of equipment which allows neonatal twins to stay together and continue their bonding, and this has been a great example of what can be achieved when we all work together to make a difference for the families we care for.”

You can support the Our Bolton NHS Charity via the Just Giving page.